Do you use a mouse mat?

July 28, 2007 | 11:31

Tags: #forum #hardware #mat #mouse #optical #peripheral #poll

This week's poll should be one that every bit-tech reader will be able to take part in: what type of mouse mat do you use?

Earlier in the week, we had a request to review a selection of mouse mats, but how many people actually use one? Or even pay significant money for one?

Everyone has their own opinions on "gaming" peripherals, along with their actual usefulness and appeal, so we'd love to know what bit-tech readers actually use.

Of course, if you've got suggestions of mouse mats you'd like us to look at, why not drop into this feedback thread and let us know?

Don't forget registration on bit-tech's forums is quick and best of all it's FREE... so what are you waiting for? Get on with registering and join in the fun!
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