Dell reveals concept systems

Written by Wil Harris

May 12, 2006 | 18:57

Tags: #concept #desktop #notebook #xps

Companies: #dell #e3

Dell has got a stand all of its own at E3, and the massive system maker has been showing off a couple of new concepts for its XPS gaming line.

Despite the acquisition of Alienware a few weeks back, it seems that Dell isn't about to give up on creating decent gaming boxes under the Dell brand.

The first machine we saw was an airbrushed laptop - basically, the existing XPS design with some very funky paintwork. Whether that impresses you or not is down to whether you dig the design, but it was interesting to see Dell following up on the flame-red paintjob that adorned its XPS Renegade Quad SLI system.

The second system was a tower with a rather interesting design. The case is shaped a little like a figure of eight, which gives it a sleek profile. The red front of the machine is striking, although we couldn't quite work out where the optical drives were (or the On switch, for that matter).

We had a good chat to one of Dell's XPS product managers, who confirmed to us that Dell is working on some pretty innovative stuff in this area, with lots of new technologies being investigated that we hope to be able to bring to you in more detail soon.

In the meantime, take a look at these boxes and let us know what you think about them over in the bit-tech forums.

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