D12U will be first Nvidia GPU with GDDR5 support

Written by Tim Smalley

June 5, 2008 | 05:52

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Nvidia hasn’t even launched its D10U product yet and we’re already starting to hear whispers about the company’s next-next-next generation graphics products.

Several memory manufacturers have confirmed that the first Nvidia GPU to feature support for GDDR5 memory will be the D12U part, which is said to be currently scheduled for a late 2009 launch.

Obviously, D12U probably hasn’t even left the drawing board yet, but it’s clear that Nvidia is already in discussions with memory manufacturers about the supply of high-speed GDDR5 memory. We already know that ATI’s next-generation graphics cards support GDDR5, and we’re likely to see the new memory technology used on the RV770XT-based products.

GDDR5 is currently made on a 70nm node, but by the time Nvidia gets around to using it, it’ll be manufactured on a 55nm process – that’s expected to happen at some point during 2009. What’s more, by the end of Q1 2009, memory manufacturers expect to have doubled the density of the technology, meaning higher capacity memory kits will be available for newer graphics cards.

Finally, many memory manufacturers suggest that GDDR5 will be limited to high-end products for the next twelve to eighteen months, by which time the price should have dropped significantly enough for it to be cost-effective at more volume-orientated price points.

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