Crucial boosts M4 SSD speed

Written by Paul Goodhead

August 30, 2011 | 12:30

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Those with Crucial M4 SSDs would do well to take a trip to the Crucial website, as the company has released a new firmware update for its range of Marvell based drives.

Crucial claims that the new 0009 firmware improves boot up times and PCMark Vantage scores while also improving write latency for better drive performance under heavy loads.

Crucial also suggests that the update should lead to improved throughput performance, with some users on the Crucial forum reporting up to 20 per cent gains in the CrystalDisk Mark benchmark.

You’ll have to do a little bit of work to bag this extra performance unfortunately, as you can only update the firmware of the M4 drives by making a bootable CD from an ISO image.

The files you’ll need for this are available on the Crucial website, along with a 20 step guide on how to complete the process. Thankfully, the update process isn’t destructive, so the data on the drive won’t be wiped during the firmware update.

We’ve been recommending the 64GB version of the M4 in our Gaming Workhorse build for a while now and with drives available for as little as £77.99 (or £140 for the 128GB version) there is little excuse not to get your hands on a drive.

Are you considering an SSD purchase soon? Are you seeing any performance gains from the 0009 firmware? Let us know your take on things in the forum.
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