Creative is after Apple again

Written by Wil Harris

December 12, 2005 | 06:40

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bit-tech reader Brett spots this one on the net:

Just when you thought that Creative was copying Apple with its MP3 line, they drop the L-word. No, not love... there has been no love lost between these companies since the iPod dominated the music market in 2001. The L-word is lawsuit.

Creative's president Sim Wong Hoo put it in no unclear terms on Firday at the release of the firm's new iPod, er, Zen Vision:M.

According to the BBC, the navigational software of the iPod has been under scrutiny for some time for a US Patent infringement. Apparently Creative made a similar navigational system to the iPod first, and patented it... although they then chose to use something a bit different for their players.

"We will pursue all manufacturers that use the same navigational system" said Mr. Hoo.

As the market for personal media players has jumped over 70% in the past year (almost all of that increase belonging to Apple), it appears Creative suddenly care about their software. They have taken their battle with Steve-o & Co. out of the stores and into the courts. With the fighting money that each company has available to them, this is assuredly going to be a long, grueling, and very boring battle.

So who do you think will come out on top of the battle to play the billboard charts? Should Creative defend software that it didn't choose to use, just because Apple has had such great success? Sing your song in our forums.
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