Rumours point to Ivy Bridge delay

February 16, 2012 | 10:28

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Unnamed sources have claimed that Intel's Ivy Bridge schedule has slipped, with the chip giant now planning to postpone mass shipments in favour of a paper launch.

According to industry rumour-monger DigiTimes, Intel has been alerting its original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and original design manufacturer (ODM) partners to a delay in availability for its 22nm next-generation Ivy Bridge processors.

Although the official launch is still expected to occur in April, unnamed sources at laptop manufacturers claim to have been warned not to expect production volumes of the chips until after June.

The reason, it is claimed, is inventory: currently, the supply chain is flooded with second-generation Sandy Bridge parts. Intel itself is thought to be holding on to a surprising stack of chips thanks to a slow down in PC sales over 2011, and that's echoed by its ODM and OEM partners.

By delaying availability of the chips, Intel is hoping it will be able to clear its inventory of existing Sandy Bridge processors without having to resort to extreme discounts.

As the delay is caused by inventory concerns rather than a technical problem, it's unlikely to affect the desktop market. Currently, the only sources speaking out about the delay come from the world of laptops which suggests desktop Ivy Bridge chips are still on track for an April launch with full availability.

The delay is being welcomed by some companies. Manufacturers of third-party USB 3.0 controllers see the delay as an opportunity to gain an extra quarter of sales, before Ivy Bridge's integrated USB 3.0 controller makes their products superfluous.

Intel, as is usual, 'refuses to comment on rumours or speculation regarding unannounced products.'
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