Intel Haswell CPU promises 10-day battery life

Written by Clive Webster

September 13, 2011 | 21:36

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Intel CEO Paul Otellini revealed that ‘We’ve already completed the design of Intel’s next generation microprocessor, Haswell,’ and made the claim that laptop charging will become a weekly or even fortnightly affair with Haswell technology.

Haswell was designed to enable a 30 per cent reduction in connected standby power over the currently shipping notebooks using our second-generation Intel Core microprocessors [Sandy Bridge], said Otellini, ‘But we can do more than that, we can do much better than that.

The plan is that not only will the CPU consume much less power than current CPUs, but that the system around it will also be heavily optimised for extending battery life. ‘We’re architecting a system-level power management framework that’s supported by efficient system design throughout the ecosystem that has the opportunity to reduce the platform power by a factor of more than 20 times over our current designs.

‘This means that we’ll be able to enable all-day usage and more than a ten-days, always-connected standby capability on a single charge.

That should mean that in typical use – a bit of work and a bit of web-browsing, and sleeping the laptop in between use – will result in only having to hunt out the power brick every week or two. It’s brilliant to get a month of use from one Kindle charge, but imagine only have to charge an entire laptop only one a week.

Even more impressively, Otellini said that ‘we’ll do and deliver all this without compromising any of the performance you’ve come to expect from today’s mainstream notebooks. The implications for the ultrabook are huge.

A fast laptop with a week or two of battery life? What’s not to like. We expect the Haswell CPU design to arrive in 2013 and to feature heavily in super-thin ultrabooks (presuming Intel’s latest laptop craze lasts that long).

Can’t wait for Haswell, or are you sceptical that Intel can deliver on that promise? Let us know in the forum.
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