Intel Answers: The future of Core i7 920

June 3, 2009 | 05:21

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COMPUTEX 2009: Having breakfast while ogling over the prohibitively expensive and ludicrously fast Core i7 975 this morning, we nailed down some details about the supposed demise of Intel's Core i7 920 and future naming of its Lynnfield CPUs.

First, the Core i7 920. Despite being told quite the opposite just last week, Intel vehemently reaffirmed the i7 920 will still exist for the foreseeable future. However, there was absolutely no commitment to a timescale.

Only the 940 will go, claimed Intel, as it will be replaced by the 950 – which we already know. Intel was adamant that a range of CPUs will remain available for the platform long after Lynnfield launches on September 1st.

Secondly, Intel said its Lynnfield processors would NOT be branded Core i5 like the rumours have suggested, but the spokesperson stopped short of what the name would be.

In fact, Intel stopped short on a lot of detail this morning – only that Lynnfield’s Turbo mode will be finer tuned and greater than that of Nehalem, which is certainly nice, but upon being probed for actual details like numerical values, Intel kept mum.

Will anyone from Intel go on record to give us a firm roadmap for the life of its i7 products and get us some numbers? You know how to get hold of us guys. For the rest of you, let us know your thoughts in the forums.
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