GlobalFoundries announces new chief executive

March 13, 2018 | 10:38

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GlobalFoundries has announced a change at the top with the appointment of Dr. Thomas Caulfield to the position of chief executive, taking over from Sanjay Jha.

Founded in 2008 as a spin-off from processor maker AMD, which at the time had decided to move to being a fabless semiconductor company reliant on third-party manufacturing, GlobalFoundries became wholly independent in March 2012. Highlights in the company's history since then include the acquisition of fabs and patents from IBM and a roadmap through to 7nm, though its success hasn't been a great story for AMD: Various renegotiations of the pair's wafer supply agreement (WSA) have cost AMD dearly over the years since the two parted ways.

Four years ago, Dr. Thomas Caulfield joined the company's management from a career which included a 17-year stint at IBM - and now he's going to run the show. 'It has been an incredible four years. We have transformed GF into a trusted, reliable foundry for our global customer base. The acquisition of IBM's microelectronics business has allowed us to independently develop leading-edge technology including 7nm, as well as expand our leadership positions in differentiated businesses such as RF, ASICS and the FDX platform,' says outgoing chief executive Sanjay Jha of the changes the company has seen since Caulfield's hiring. 'Tom Caulfield is the right person to build on this record of success and strengthen GF's position as a leading foundry partner to the semiconductor industry.'

'I am honoured to be given this chance to lead GF at such an exciting time at the company and in our industry,' adds Caulfield of his promotion. 'With exciting new customers coming into the market, we have the unique technology portfolio and executional track record to reset the competitive playing field in the rapidly-growing foundry segment. And we will continue to change the industry that is changing the world.'

Caulfield has not yet announced whether there will be any other executive changes following his appointment, while the company itself is still concentrating on the opening of its latest 300mm fabrication facility scheduled for 2019.

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