AMD weighs in on EU ruling against Intel

Written by Tim Smalley

May 13, 2009 | 14:45

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It's fair to say that today's news has been dominated by the European Commission's record £948 million fine levied against Intel for anticompetitive business practices and, given that AMD sued Intel in 2005, it's no surprise to see Intel's arch rival comment on the Commission's decision.

AMD CEO Dirk Meyer said: "Today's ruling is an important step toward establishing a truly competitive market. AMD has consistently been a technology innovation leader and we are looking forward to the move from a world in which Intel ruled, to one which is ruled by customers."

Meyer wasn't the only AMD exec to weigh in though, as Tom McCoy, Executive Vice President for Legal Affairs at AMD, also added his two penneth. "After an exhaustive investigation, the EU came to one conclusion - Intel broke the law and consumers were hurt. With this ruling, the industry will benefit from an end to Intel's monopoly-inflated pricing and European consumers will enjoy greater choice, value and innovation."

The EU's ruling all but confirms the findings of similar investigations in Japan and Korea from 2005 and 2008 respectively and don't expect this to be the last ruling against Intel, as both the Federal Trade Commission and New York State are still investigating Intel's business practices. However, there's no sign of a date when we can expect these investigations to finish.

We also briefly managed to catch up with Nigel Dessau, AMD's Chief Marketing Officer, and Patrick Moorhead, Vice President of Advanced Marketing at AMD. Dessau said: "Our experience to date has been that when investigators look at the facts, Intel loses," while Moorhead reckons that with Intel being found guilty of antitrust in Korea, Japan and now Europe, "should help highlight Intel's anti-competitive practices to US authorities."

Taking both of these comments into account, it's fair to say that AMD expects similar results in the two US-based investigations and it is now even more confident that it will prevail in its own lawsuit against its arch rival.

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