AMD releases Ryzen power plan with chipset driver update

April 27, 2017 | 11:37

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AMD has completed testing of its 'Ryzen Balanced Power Plan' for Windows 10, and is making it available as a standard option for all as part of its latest chipset driver update.

AMD's Zen microarchitecture, as implemented in its latest Ryzen processors, is a distinct departure from the chips the company has been churning out for the past decade. A major feature of the architecture is SenseMI, unveiled back in December last year: a mass of sensors linked to five core technologies designed to improve performance and keep power draw to a minimum. A lack of support for these chip-borne smarts has been blamed for everything from odd performance glitches to higher-than-expected power draw, and earlier this month AMD announced a Ryzen-specific power plan for Windows 10 which it claimed could fix those problems.

Replacing the default 'Balanced' power plan - and thus having no impact when Windows 10 is set to its highest-performance mode - the new plan was claimed to boost responsiveness to a point where performance can equal that of the 'High Performance' power plan yet still downshift quickly to save power once you've stopped running CPU-intensive tasks. At the time, AMD offered the plan for manual installation and solicited feedback on its efficacy; now, the company believes it is ready for prime-time use and has accordingly made it a standard feature of the AMD Chipset Drivers 17.10 package.

Compatible with Ryzen chips running on the A320, B350, and X370, the new power plan is automatically installed upon upgrading the chipset drivers. The bundle is available to download now from AMD's official website.
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