AMD launches 6W GX-210JA embedded APU

August 1, 2013 | 09:29

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AMD has announced a new entry in its G-Series of embedded accelerated processing units (APUs) offering a claimed average power draw of just 3W.

Dubbed the GX-210JA, the new G-Series processor is a full system-on-chip design but revised to draw a third less energy than the company's previous version. In terms of average power draw - what rival Intel calls 'scenario-driven power' - AMD claims this results in a chip drawing just 3W, albeit with a peak thermal design profile (TDP) of 6W.

Even at its highest possible draw - achieved only when both the 1GHz processing cores and the Radeon HD 8180 225MHz graphics core are under full load - it still represents a remarkably low-power device, albeit likely not low-power enough to tempt tablet manufacturers to switch away from ARM or Intel parts in their designs. By contrast, the chip it replaces - the GX-210HA - featured a dual-core 1GHz central processor and a 300MHz Radeon HD 8210E graphics core in a 9W TDP.

'The advance of APU processor design, the Surround Computing era, and The Internet of Things has created the demand for embedded devices that are low power but also offer excellent compute and graphics performance,' claimed Arun Iyengar, vice president and general manager of AMD's Embedded Systems division. 'The new GX-210JA operates at an average of approximately three watts, enabling a new generation of fanless designs for content-rich, multimedia and traditional workload processing.'

Designed for embedded platforms, and making their way to the maker world on the Gizmo single-board computer, AMD's G-Series chips are one of the company's biggest targets for growth. Outpacing rival Atom processors from Intel, and offering full 64-bit x86 compared to the Atom's 32-bit architecture, they're increasingly popular - but, as with Intel's offerings, struggle to gain ground over the incumbent ARM architecture.

The GX-210JA joins AMD's existing G-Series SoC product line, which ranges from the quad-core 2GHz GX-420CA with 600MHz Radeon HD 8400E graphics down to the previous lowest-draw chip the 1GHz dual-core GX-210HA. Pricing for the GX-210JA has not yet been confirmed.
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