Corsair Launches Low-Latency PC2-8000

Written by Tim Smalley

May 27, 2005 | 13:01

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Companies: #asus #corsair #ocz

Today, Corsair have announced its XMS2-8000UL DDR2 memory modules, which run at a staggering 1GHz with timings of 5.0-4-4-9. These are the lowest-latency memory modules rated to run at PC2-8000, as both OCZ's and PQI's PC2-8000 modules are rated at 5.0-5-5-15.

Last week, we reported that OCZ had teamed up with ASUS to deliver the first memory and motherboard combination capable of operating with a staggering 1GHz memory frequency. We have not yet seen availability of any PC2-8000 memory. Today's announcement changes this, with Corsair stating that there is immediate availability of its XMS2-8000UL modules.

It seems that Corsair have also teamed with ASUS to utilise its P5WD2 Premium motherboard, which is based on Intel's i955X chipset, as was mentioned in our previous report. This looks as if there was a joint development with many of the top memory manufacturers, and ASUS, to deliver an i955X board with masses of overclocking potential.

Earlier this month, Anandtech reported that Corsair's XMS2-5400UL is capable of delivering memory bus speeds of 1066MHz, and the company states that its XMS2-8000UL modules are expected to reach speeds in excess of 1066MHz.

We do not have a price at the time of publication, but we expect it to be priced around the £200-£220 mark.

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