Corsair launches EPP memory

Written by Wil Harris

May 15, 2006 | 17:41

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NVIDIA and Corsair have announced an extension to the standard JEDEC RAM specification called EPP.

Standing for Enhanced Profile Protocol, it's an extra level of detail over the standard SPD included in the RAM. Memory modules typically contain details such as the name and rated speeds of the module. Under the EPP standard, detail is also included to cover voltages and the command rate of the modules.

There is also the ability to include different 'profiles' on the RAM - so one could be the standard timings for 800MHz and one could be slightly more lax timings to run at 1066MHz for overclocking. Corsair has designed the SPD to be compatible with upcoming motherboards. It is expected that boards featuring NVIDIA's next-gen motherboard chipset will include support for switching between profiles and easy overclocking based on the extra details included in the EPP.

“Corsair is excited to be the first one to introduce memory modules based on EPP. We believe this feature adds overclocking convenience and performance advantages to all users,” said John Beekley, VP of Applications Engineering at Corsair Memory. “With the introduction of EPP, we have essentially made overclocking a high-confidence endeavor for novice enthusiasts and at the same time have made our actual overclocked testing specifications available on-module,” continued Beekley.

“NVIDIA recognises Corsair’s significant contribution and passion in the enthusiast community, and we have selected them as our official memory partner for the launch of our upcoming NVIDIA nForce 500 family of MCPs,” said Drew Henry, general manager of MCP business at NVIDIA. “Corsair understands the overclocking mindset and has done a terrific job in being the first vendor to bring EPP-based memory products to market in record time. Together, we will showcase this winning combination at a variety of industry and community events over the next few months”.

NVIDIA and Corsair are hoping that JEDEC, the body that regulates RAM, will add EPP to its standard specification.

We'll be showcasing NVIDIA's new motherboard chipsets, that we can't talk about yet, very soon. We'll make sure you get the full low-down on EPP and how it really aids overclocking. In the meantime, discuss the EPP's potential over in the forums.
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