Corsair isn't discontinuing Pro-series modules

Written by Tim Smalley

March 19, 2007 | 11:23

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Earlier in the week, we reported that Corsair was to disband its popular "flashy LED" XMS2 Pro-series modules. However, there was a slight misunderstanding during our talks with the company at the show.

During our talks about the new DHX cooled XMS2 modules, it wasn't clear whether the company was moving all of its modules to DHX cooling or not. The answers to the questions we asked seemed to point to that being the case and we wrongly jumped to the conclusion that Corsair was discontinuing the XMS2 Pro modules.

We spoke to Corsair again today and company representatives have clarified the situation for us. In doing so, Corsair issued the following statement:

"We are not discontinuing the PRO series. Both PRO and XPERT modules still exist in the Corsair family of products. What we are doing is introducing a new XMS2 with DHX technology. By doing so, it allows us to keep the DOMINATOR with DHX in the top segment and features the most highly screened RAMs. XMS2 with DHX will give users the benefit of the DHX technology at a competitive price point."

It looks like you're still going to be able to buy XMS2 Pro and Xpert modules for a while now, as the company has no intentions of discontinuing the line just yet. You'll hear more about the new DHX cooled modules over the next couple of weeks.

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