Corsair first to 1066MHz barrier

Written by Tim Smalley

May 14, 2005 | 01:02

Companies: #corsair

There looks to be a DDR2 memory quest for speed battle going on right now. Earlier this week, we reported that OCZ had teamed up with ASUS to break the 1GHz barrier with their upcoming EL PC2-8000 DDR2 memory modules.

PQI then announced that they had volume for retail, and that they were ready to start shipping of PC2-8000 memory. They reached 1066MHz in single channel with their PC2-8000 memory, and only 1020MHz in dual channel mode. (Ed - only 1020MHz? Are you crazy?!?)

Yesterday we learned that Corsair had surpassed both OCZ and PQI with its XMS2 5400UL memory modules. The memory is rated at 675MHz with 3.0-2-2-8-1T timings at that clock speed - quite astounding timings considering the clock speeds they are operating at.

Wesley Fink, Anandtech's memory specialist, managed to overclock the memory in 1:1 to an astounding 1066MHz front side bus. Much like we are, Wes was amazed by his findings.

This has added credibility too, because Corsair is already shipping its XMS2 5400UL DDR2 memory modules, and have been for a while now. There are no other memory modules available today that appear to be capable of running at DDR2-1066, and even PQI's PC2-8000 memory doesn't seem like it has enough legs in it to achieve 1066MHz in dual channel just yet.

Things are hotting up in the DDR2 wars - we wonder who'll break what next?

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