SilentiumPC launches three new CPU coolers

February 23, 2016 | 14:08

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SilentiumPC has announced three new CPU coolers: the Fera 3, Spartan 3 LT, and Spartan 3 Pro, all of which are based around the familiar tower design.

The Fera 3 HE1224, to give the first heatsink its full title, features four 6mm heatpipes in a new layout which the company claims boosts the cooling efficiency over the previous Fera 2 design. These heatpipes lead into a larger, asymmetric fin stack which retains the same relatively thin profile of its predecessors, to which is attached a Sigma Pro 120 pulse width modulation (PWM) controlled fan boasting of a low-noise blade design. Overall, the bundle is claimed to be suitable for cooling chips up to a thermal design profile (TDP) of 180W.

The two entries in the Spartan 3 range, meanwhile, are designed for those with less demanding cooling projects - particularly for those looking for a cost-effective upgrade from stock heatsinks. The Spartan 3 LT HE1012 uses just two heatpipes and is claimed to offer support for chips up to 125W in TDP; the larger Spartan 3 Pro HE1024 has four heatpipes and can handle a higher 150W TDP. Both come with a bundled Sigma Pro 100 PWM cooling fan, slightly oversized for improved performance and reduced noise levels.

All models come bundled with Pactum PT-1 thermal compound. The Spartan 3 LT is the cheapest model, priced at £12.90; the Spartan 3 Pro costs an extra £4 at £16.90; the Fera 3 tops the range at a still-reasonable £19.90. More information on all models is available on the official website.
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