Scythe launches Grand Kama Cross 2

July 16, 2013 | 10:29

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Japanese cooling specialist Scythe has officially announced the launch of the Grand Kama Cross 2 cooler in Europe, bringing its latest take on the unique X-Structure design to the market for the first time.

Designed to replace the ageing Grand Kama Cross, which we last saw way back in a 2007 heatsink group test, the Grand Kama Cross 2 retains the interesting design of its predecessor: the fins are arrayed at an angle to the fan and coldplate, looking for all the world like the pistons of an engine. The idea, Scythe claimed at the time, is to improve the cooling of components surrounding the CPU such as voltage regulator and RAM modules.

While the original X-Structure design saw overall fin surface area sacrificed, Scythe has attempted to address that in its latest incarnation. Where the fin stacks of the Grand Kama Cross were flat, the Grand Kama Cross 2 uses a 'stepped' design to increase overall surface area by filling in the previously unused space beneath the fan. The underside, meanwhile, remains flat - providing space for RAM modules and the like to sit underneath without fouling.

The heatsink comes bundled with a 140mm Glide Stream axial fan with pulse width modulation (PWM) support and a claimed airflow of between 37.37 to 97.18 cubic feet per minute (CFM) depending on speed. A rubber inlay is included to minimise vibration, along with a grooved blade design which add up to a claimed noise level of between 13 to 30.7dBA.

The Scythe Grand Kama Cross 2 ditches the push-pin mounts of its predecessor with a screw-based system instead based on the Ashura design. A square copper coldplate at the bottom, connected to a series of heatpipes, provides support for all major Intel and AMD socket types at any one of four angles - meaning users should be able to cram it into almost any case. Measuring 175.2mm wide, 140mm deep and 140mm tall, it comes in at 2mm shorter than its predecessor but with a 10g weight increase, thanks to the increased fin size, at 760g.

The Scythe Grand Kama Cross 2 is available in the channel now priced at €30.50 (around £26.42 excluding taxes,) but at the time of writing had yet to be picked up by any UK retail outlets.
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