Raijintek announces Themis Evo, Nemesis

February 6, 2014 | 10:39

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Relative newcomer Raijintek has announced a pair of new CPU coolers, due to appear in the UK channel in the very near future: the Nemesis and Themis Evo.

While the company hasn't been around for long, it has aspirations: its current range of CPU coolers and slimline fans is, it has claimed, to be joined by families of power supplies and cases in the very near future. It's first two products, the flagship Ereboss and low-profile Pallas have both impressed with their LGA 1155 cooling performance, and now the company is looking to push further into the market with two more options.

First up is the Themis Evo, an upgraded version of the company's existing Themis cooler. A set of four 8mm heatpipes come into near-direct contact with the CPU itself, and transfer heat to aluminium alloy fins. These are in turn cooled by a sleeve-bearing 120mm fan which offers a peak airflow of 65.68 cubic feet per minute (CFM) at a claimed noise level of 24.53dBA and offers pulse-width modulation (PWM) speed control via a four-pin connector. Measuring 122mm by 165mm by 82mm and weighing 614g excluding the fan, it's a reasonable chunk of metal compared to its slimline three-pipe predecessor, which measures 122mm by 158mm by 50mmand weighs 448g.

The Nemesis, meanwhile, is a higher-end cooler based on a dual-tower design and featuring a pair of 140mm fans with pulse-width modulation control. Compared to the Themis Evo, there's a significant increase in surface area with the heatsink measuring an impressive 140mm x 166.5mm x 130mm and weighing a whopping 1,050g excluding fan. Five 8mm heatpipes deal with extracting the heat from the CPU.

Both models are due to launch later this month, and while UK pricing has yet to be confirmed German retailer Caseking has the coolers on pre-order priced at €59.90 for the Nemesis and €32.90 for the Themis Evo (around £50 and £27 respectively.)
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