Phanteks unveils Glacier C399a Threadripper water block

September 7, 2017 | 09:00

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Phanteks has announced a water block designed specifically for the oversized AMD Ryzen Threadripper many-core CPU family and its Socket TR44: the Phanteks Glacier C399a.

The launch of AMD's Threadripper, a many-core implementation of its Zen architecture-based Ryzen processors inspired by the company's work on the Epyc family of server chips, has shaken up the market considerably by offering a hefty number of cores at competitive instructions-per-clock (IPC) for less than the direct competition. Moving to Threadripper isn't as straightforward as it could be, however, even for those who had picked up Ryzen in the meantime: Each Threadripper chip is, effectively, a pair of Ryzen dies in a single package which makes said package considerably larger than the norm - meaning existing cooling products simply won't fit, and it's not something easily resolved with a new mounting system or backplate.

Phanteks' answer is simple: a brand-new water block designed specifically for Threadripper and mounting securely to AMD's Socket TR4. Covering the entirety of the CPU's heatspreader - contrasted with repurposed older designs which only contact part of the heatspreader - the Phanteks Glacier C399a is claimed to allow for 'serious overclocking and extreme performance,' though firm figures have not yet been provided by the company.

Although Phanteks is keen to point out the water block's thermal design, which includes taller-than-average fins to transfer heat as quickly as possible to the coolant solution, the company isn't ignoring those who like a bit of bling in their rig: the Glacier C399a includes integrated RGB lighting, which shines up through the transparent top, with support for most common motherboard RGB lighting control software and the ability to synchronise with other RGB platforms.

UK availability of the Glacier C399a has yet to be confirmed, with Phanteks planning a launch some time this month at a US recommended retail price of $99.99 (around £77 excluding taxes). Two finishes will be available at launch: Mirrored Chrome and Satin Black.

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