Phanteks launches small form factor PH-TC90LS

September 17, 2012 | 10:59

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Aircooling specialist Phanteks has announced the launch of its latest heatsink for small form factor cases: the PH-TC90LS.

Designed to sit in the company's ultra-low profile range, the PH-TC90LS measures just 27mm tall - 45mm when a PH-F90 fan is fitted - yet boasts three 6mm-diameter heatpipes designed to pull the heat away from the system's CPU as rapidly as possible. Invisible externally, the heatpipes are embedded into what appears at first glance to be a solid block of metal - resulting, Phanteks claims, in maximum contact with the processor and improved cooling performance.

To prevent mechanical conflicts with other components on the motherboard, the PH-TC90LS is designed to follow Intel's official Keep-Out-Zone recommendations, something frequently missed by rival small form factor cooling heatsinks. Designed for use with the skeleton-stock PH-F90 speed-controlled fan, included in the bundle,the heatsink includes a pair of rubber bars which are designed to absorb vibration and reduce noise. According to Phanteks' internal testing, the system should sit between 19 and 26dbA depending on fan speed.

The smart-looking heatsink itself is constructed using a copper base and matching heatpipes connected to nickel-plated aluminium cooling fins. According to Phanteks, the heatsink is capable of cooling processor running in a thermal design profile (TDP) of up to 130W - quite impressive for the device's diminutive size.

Phanteks has officially launched the PH-TC90LS in the US in a retail pack which includes the heatsink, the PH-F90 fan, mounting screws for LGA 2011, LGA 1155 and LGA 1156 motherboards, a pack of PH-NDC thermal compound, the sound-dampening rubber bars, four fan clip adapters and two fan wire clips for $29.99 (around £18.50 excluding taxes.) UK availability and pricing have yet to be confirmed.
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