Koolance launches multi-purpose cold plates

September 2, 2013 | 09:44

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Koolance has announced the launch of three new multi-purpose cold plates designed for extending a water-cooling loop into new areas.

Built for industrial use - and with a price-tag to match - the new cold-plates include a 0.5mm micro-fin internal structure in a copper block with a brass top, all finished in anti-corrosive nickel. All three are threaded for G 1/4 BSPP fittings, and include an EDPM O-ring to prevent any leaks.

Where they differ from Koolance's usual offerings, however, is that they are designed to be universally adaptable. Available in 25mm, 40mm and 50mm sizes, the square blocks aren't built for any particular piece of hardware; rather, they're designed to be fitted to almost any suitably-sized flat surface for incorporation into a water-cooling loop.

The company's suggested uses include cooling of high-brightness surface-mount LED systems, Peltier thermoelectric coolers, or any suitably-sized semiconductor. A bundled steel bracket in suitable for fitting to diagonal mounting holes in a variety of sizes - depending, naturally, on the size of the cold plate - while engineering diagrams are provided for users to fabricate their own mounts if required.

If the idea of universal cold plates has you all a-quiver with thoughts of what else you could incorporate into your loop, the pricing will be your next thought: Koolance has confirmed US pricing for the blocks at $62.99, $64.99 and $77.99 respectively for the 25mm PLT-UN25F, 40mm PLT-UN40F and PLT-UN50F. Allowing for 20 per cent VAT, that translates to around £48.61, £50.14, and £60.19 respectively.

Koolance has officially made the parts available on its US website, but the new plates have yet to show up in any UK resellers' inventories.
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