ID-Cooling unveils Hunter Duet CPU & GPU AIO

July 21, 2015 | 13:25

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ID-Cooling has announced what it claims is the world's first integrated all-in-one liquid cooler designed to work with both a CPU and a GPU and boasting a dual-pump design.

Built for those who want the benefits of liquid cooling without any of the complexities, all-in-one sealed-loop coolers have been steadily increasing in popularity. The most common design sees a pump integrated into a single waterblock, which sits on the chip to be cooled, with tubing leading to a single- or dual-fan radiator.

ID-Cooling's Hunter Duet AIO switches this up a little, by building in support for both a GPU and a CPU in a single AIO design. While the single dual-fan 240mm radiator looks like any other, the tubing leads to not one but two waterblocks - each of which has an independent pump, to ensure flow is not affected. The graphics card block covers only the GPU itself, with a side-mounted fan designed to keep VRAM and voltage regulators from getting too toasty; the CPU block is a standard design.

ID-Cooling claims the kit is compatible with any GPU featuring mounting holes positioned at 58.4mm in both directions, 53.3mm in both directions, or 51mm in one direction and 61mm in the other. The CPU block comes with mounting brackets for Intel LGA 2011, 1366, 1150, 1155, 1156, and 775, and AMD AM2, AM3, FM1, and FM2 sockets along with their Plus variants.

Each pump includes LED lighting, ceramic bearings and runs at a fixed 2,500 RPM. The dual SF-12025 high static pressure fans fitted to the radiators are PWM controlled between 800 and 2,000 RPM, and include rubber dampeners to absorb vibration. The kit comes pre-filled with what the company describes as 'highly-efficient and eco-friendly liquid coolant.'

The Hunter Duet AIO is due to launch in the US at $139.99 (around £90 excluding taxes); UK pricing and availability have yet to be confirmed. ID-Cooling has confirmed that the Hunter Duet represents the first in a planned line of liquid-cooling products, to hit the market under the Frostflow brand.
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