Gelid announces Snowstorm heatsink

September 26, 2014 | 13:03

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Cooling specialist Gelid Solutions has announced a new entry in its air-cooler family, dubbed the Gelid Snowstorm, which promises a novel fin design to improve airflow.

Designed to sit alongside the company's Tranquillo tower cooler as a smaller and cheaper alternative, the Snowstorm features three U-shaped direct-contact heatpipes to its predecessors' four with a 102mm x 65.5mm footprint and 138mm height. Its biggest feature, however, is in the fin design: described by Gelid as 'a unique fin architecture,' the heatsink tapers to two trapezoidal protrusions at the rear which the company claims results in a more even airflow throughout the body of the heatsink for improved cooling.

This cooling is further enhanced by what the company claims is an 'intelligent PWM fan' which offers curved ramping to a traditional PWM fan's linear ramp. The result is lower noise at lower temperatures, with better airflow and a more rapid speed increase at higher temperatures. Regardless of the benefits of its supposed intelligence, the bundled 92mm fan runs between 900 to 2,200 revolutions per minute at a claimed noise level of 10 to 24.1dBA. The fan and heatsink bundle in total weigh 372g, considerably less than the 645g of the latest Tranquillo design revision.

Gelid has confirmed that it has formally launched the Snowstorm in the US and Europe, with a manufacturers recommended retail price of €21 (around £16.40) for a retail pack with mounting brackets suitable for all current Intel and AMD socket types bar Intel's top-end Socket 2011 and variants and with a warning that it will be ill-suited to high-TDP chips like Intel's Core i7 family. Thus far, the Snowstorm has not appeared in the UK retail channel.

More details are available on the official product page.
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