Enermax announces self-cleaning DF Pressure fans

April 29, 2016 | 10:58

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Enermax has announced a new family of fans boasting what it claims is a market-first: its patented Dust Free Rotation (DFR) techology.

Available in the company's new DF Pressure fan family, Dust Free Rotation is claimed to be the first in-fan self-cleaning system for the PC market. The way it works is pretty simple: the fan spins in reverse at full speed for ten seconds when first powered up, to blast away any grime currently resting on the blades, before returning to its normal rotation speed and direction. For intake fans, that should blow the dust handily out of the case; for outtake fans, the result is admittedly less welcome.

As well as DFR, on which Enermax has applied for a patent, the new DF Pressure family also includes Adjustable Peak Speed (APS), a slide switch which allows the user to set a maximum rotation speed for both pulse-width modulated (PWM) control and the DFR mode. Coupled with blade design claimed to offer high-pressure airflow, Enermax is clearly aiming the fans at everything from case to radiator usage.

The new DF Pressure range is due to launch in May, with UK pricing yet to be confirmed. The company's promotional video is reproduced below.

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