EK issues Predator AIO recall over leak issue

January 14, 2016 | 14:04

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EK Water Blocks has announced an immediate recall of its Predator 240 and 360 all-in-one liquid cooling systems, following the discovery that the loop isn't as sealed as promised and risks liquid leaking out.

Announced back in August 2015, the Predator family makes up the company's first-ever all-in-one liquid cooling offering. Based around 240mm and 360mm radiators, with the latter available featuring a built-in quick-disconnect system compatible with the company's other liquid cooling products, the relatively low cost of the platform compared to building a custom loop plus EK's reputation in the liquid cooling industry led to considerable interest.

Unfortunately, early adopters appear to have been bitten by a serious design flaw. EK has confirmed that all three launch models of Predator system - Predator 240, Predator 360, and Predator 360 with Quick Disconnect - run the risk of leaking cooling liquid, potentially frying other components in the system.

As the company received reports of leaks, it initially believed the problem to be limited to a small number of faulty units. As failures mounted, however, EK has been forced to admit that it's a problem across the entirety of its Predator output between October and December 2015 - every unit in the channel so far, basically. The problem has been traced to the O-ring assembly between the copper cold plate and bracket on the water block - doubly embarrassing for the company, which was founded specifically to build high-quality custom water blocks. EK claims that it is currently seeing reports of leakage from one in 10 units sold through.

'We are warning all customers of EK XLC-Predator units to discontinue use of [the] cooling device and contact EKWB for replacement unit or refund,' the company explained in its statement on the recall. 'EKWB is taking full responsibility for this issue and will be: Replacing or refunding all returned units to the customers; Refunding the customer any computer component damage created by a leakage. EKWB has redesigned and released a new version of EK-XLC Predator (Revision 1.1) on the 4th of January 2016 that prevents any leakage under normal working modes. All customers with Revision 1.0 units will be offered a replacement R1.1 unit or a full refund.'

Anyone with an EK Predator cooling system is advised to uninstall it and contact the company at their earliest convenience.
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