EKWB may be dipping into the air cooling market soon

Written by Jennifer Allen

June 10, 2020 | 15:00

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EK Water Blocks is a well known name in the liquid cooling world, and it looks like it's going to branch out into air cooling too.

Having recently wrapped up its EK Cooling Expo 2020, a web-based series of presentations, webinars, and Q&As that replaced the company's Computex presence, the Slovenian firm announced plans to enter the CPU air cooler market, unveiling a prototype of its plans.

The EK Easy Cooling Air Cooling (we're hoping for a name change here) is meant to be aimed at "people who are interested in aftermarket cooling but are not yet ready to make the leap into liquid cooling," according to EK's marketing blurb. That sounds a bit like using it as a gateway drug to the 'good' stuff, i.e. liquid cooling, which we're guessing EK would probably quite like giving its wealth of water cooling products. 

The press release goes onto explain that it has "single and dual-tower options" and will "provide modern D-RGB lighting, premium build quality, modern aesthetics, and great cooling." So far, so good, if unremarkable, yes? 

The air cooling market is a particularly crowded one but EK has an existing great reputation for good design and high-quality so if it can replicate this experience with its air coolers, there's no reason why this couldn't end up a must have item for those keen to upgrade their air cooling. For now, it's early days and EK is keen to stress this is a work in progress prototype but there's certainly hope that the second half of the year may bring more details, if not a launch.

Of course, it really could do with a name change so let's all cross our collective fingers tightly for that one. 

Elsewhere at EK Cooling Expo 2020, EK also unveiled the EK-Quantum Power Kit D-RGB P360 with hopes that it's the "ultimate fully addressable D-RGB customisable liquid cooling kit" while also being user-friendly for those new to liquid cooling. There was also the EK-Classic Kit P360 D-RGB, focused on value yet high performance with the kit designed for ATX and larger cases and focused on making overclocking CPUs that bit easier. Of course, there was also the MSI MPG Z490 Carbon EK X that we discussed yesterday

The future's looking rather busy for EK, a company that seems to be keen to avoid resting on its laurels.

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