EK Water Blocks launches DuraClear tubing

November 10, 2016 | 10:42

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Liquid cooling specialist EK Water Blocks (EKWB) has announced the launch of a new flexible tubing range, dubbed DuraClear, which it claims is specially designed to resist particulate capture and subsequent bacterial growth.

Flexible tubing is extremely common in the liquid cooling world for two very simple reasons: it's cheap and it's simple to use. Not all tubing is equivalent, though, and EKWB is claiming its new DuraClear tubing sits at the top of the pile thanks to a two-year development process focusing purely on its efficacy for use in computing cooling systems. This starts with its clarity, which the company describes as 'glass-like' and particularly well-suited to using with coloured coolant additives. Internally, the company claims to have concentrated on a manufacturing process that results in unusually smooth inner walls in order to prevent staining from coloured liquids and also to prevent particulate capture that could lead to bacterial growth and unsightly mould stains.

For the building process, EKWB is claiming that the DuraClear tubing is highly flexible and can be curved in tighter bends than its immediate competition without a loss of performance. If the tubing kinks it will restrict flow rate, naturally, but the company has stated that it strongly resists twisting and collapsing even during tighter-than-usual bends.

EKWB has announced that it will sell the tubing in rolls of three metres in the four most popular inner diameter/outer diameter (ID/OD) sizes of 9.5mm/12.7mm at €14.95, 11.1mm/15.9mm at €16.95, 9.5mm/15.9mm at €17.95, and 12.7mm/19mm at €19.95. UK pricing and availability has yet to be confirmed, with more information available on the company's official website.
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