EK Water Blocks announces AM4 upgrade paths

January 10, 2017 | 11:38

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EK Water Blocks has announced the launch of a mounting kit for AMD's upcoming Socket AM4, the unified connector for all Ryzen APU and CPU products, for almost its entire EK-Supremacy Evo range.

From this week onwards, EK Water Blocks has confirmed, anyone purchasing an EK-Supremacy water block - excluding the Intel-specific X99 and Elite variants - will be offered a mounting system compatible with AMD's new AM4 socket type, giving them out-of-the-box compatibility with the company's upcoming Ryzen processor family. The same mounting system will be included, the company has confirmed, with all variants of the EK-Kit S, EK-Kit L, EK-Kit P, and EK-Kit X liquid-cooling bundles.

Those who have already purchased or are planning to purchase EK Water Blocks' Predator all-in-one liquid-cooling kits, however, will find that AM4 support comes at an additional cost. EKWB has confirmed that Predator units can be upgraded using the EK-XLC Predator AMD Upgrade Kit, while existing EK-Supremacy Evo owners will be given the option to buy the necessary mounting bracket for AM4 support.

To aid users in the upgrade process, EKWB has published a guide which includes how to tell if your EK-Supremacy Evo came with the new or original backplate. Should you need the upgrade, instructions are given on how to disassemble the water block, reorient the jet plate, and reassemble with the new mount. Once upgraded, EKWB promises, the block will be compatible with AM4 as well as all previously supported AMD socket types.

EKWB's EK-Supremacy Evo mounting plate upgrade is priced at €4.96, while the new backplate is priced at €6.84 for a total upgrade cost of €11.80 (around £10.28). The EK-XLC Predator AMD Upgrade Kit is priced at €6.84 (around £5.96) and is compatible with Predator Revision 1.1 and upwards.
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