Deepcool shows off new coolers, PSUs, and cases

June 11, 2018 | 11:40

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Deepcool’s emphasis at Computex 2018 was its premium Gamer Storm brand, which it will be looking to push more as a separate entity to create a high-end and mainstream distinction.

First we saw some new all-in-one liquid-coolers. The Castle RGB coolers (shown above) will be available in July with 240mm and 280mm radiator versions for $110 and $130 respectively excluding taxes. They have addressable RGB-illuminated fans and similar lighting in the water block, where a new double window design is said to boost the effectiveness of said lighting. The large copper baseplate is big enough to make these coolers compatible with AMD TR4 (Threadripper).

Next is the Captain 240Pro, which will be available in August for $120. The highlight feature here is an adjustable water pressure system, which Deepcool claims helps to prevent leakages and extend the product’s lifetime. Once again there is addressable RGB lighting on both the fans and the pump block (controlled through a hardware controller or a compatible motherboard), with the latter also featuring a unique external glass pipe that connects the two chambers within.

A new Gamer Storm air-cooler is also in the works: the Fryzen. Set to retail in July for $90, the Fryzen offers AM4 and TR4 socket compatibility. It also has a rather swanky metal-frame fan which felt very high quality on initial inspection. This fan also has addressable RGB lighting too.

The DQ-M Series of GamerStorm PSUs is to be released in July as well. Models will include a $130 black 650W, a $150 750W model this time in white, and a top-of-the-line 850W model for $160 in black again. The units each carry 80 Plus Gold ratings, are fully modular, have all Japanese capacitors within, and are cooled using the patented Gamer Storm TF120 fan.

Moving over to the Deepcool proper side of the booth, the main thing on show was a new family of budget-friendly mid-tower chassis designed to bring premium features like tempered glass and RGB to lower price points. Starting at just $40, each of the Matrexx cases has varying levels of water-cooling support. While RGB lighting is integrated into each of the cases, RGB fans are not included – these were shown only for demonstration purposes. You can expect these cases in September, and retail prices are expected to be $40 for the Matrexx 55, $60 for the Matrexx 70, and $90 for the Matrexx 75.

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