Cryorig launches Origami Case Depth Checker tool

May 11, 2016 | 11:35

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Cooling specialist Cryorig has announced another entry in its home-printable Origami sizing tools, this time for checking the clearance available in a given case for a tower-style CPU cooler.

Cryorig launched the Origami tool series back in 2014 as an easy way to check the clearance of its heatsink families with your particular motherboard and RAM modules. Users simply downloaded the PDF, cut out and folded the paper shape, and used that to physically check clearance - and all without having to bust out a tape measure or calipers.

The company's next entry in the range aims to do the same for case depth. Printed onto paper or card and folded into a hollow form which sits atop the heatsink, the Origami Depth Checker combined with a piece of string allows the user to quickly measure the overall clearance height from the CPU socket. For those looking to buy third-party cooling devices, measurements are given in centimetres; markings to the side also indicate the precise height of Cryorig's own coolers plus selected popular models from Be Quiet, Cooler Master, Noctua, and other manufacturers.

The Cryorig Origami Case Depth Checker is available to download now from the company's official website.
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