Be Quiet! shows off new PSU and case at CeBIT 2015

March 20, 2015 | 19:31

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Be Quiet! has revealed its new Dark Power Pro 11 PSU series and new Silent Base 800 Window Edition at CeBIT 2015.

The Dark Power Pro 11 PSUs are the company's new flagship models that follow on, naturally, from the Dark Power Pro 10 series, promising more efficiency and lower noise levels than their forebears. Coming again in 550W, 650W, 750W, 850W, 1,000W and 1,200W capacities, the entire range is now 80 PLUS Platinum certified; previously this only applied to the 850W model while the rest were rated 80 PLUS Gold.

The new power supplies also feature an upgraded fan, specifically the 135mm Be Quiet! SilentWings 3 model, featuring a fluid dynamic bearing and six pole motor. Other cooling upgrades include a large air intake area and funnel shaped fan opening. The edging of the PSU is again rubberised to isolate it from you chassis as best as possible, while the new range also separates the fan from the PSU case with rubber too.

Other features carried over from the previous series include the ability to control the speed of up to four case fans using the PSU directly, and an overclocking key to switch it between multi-rail and single rail modes.

Interestingly, the higher capacity (850W and above) will be available first in May, followed by the lower three in July. Pricing is said to range from 154 to 289 Euros (UK pricing TBC) and all the Dark Power Pro 11 PSUs will also come with a five year warranty too.

Be Quiet! shows off new PSU and case at CeBIT 2015 Be Quiet! shows off new PSU and case at CeBIT 2015
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Also at its CeBIT stand, the company had on display the Silent Base 800 Window. Unsurprisingly, this is the windowed version of the snazzy Silent Base 800 chassis, though Be Quiet! is keen to emphasise that it doesn't just use any old window, but a “Silent Window”, so called because the firm claims that it doesn't increase the case's noise output compared to the regular side panel. This is achieved effectively through double glazing, with two separate polycarbonate panels forming the window, both of which are separated by rubber from the steel panel. While none of the noise-proofing is lost, you do lose 7mm of CPU cooler clearance with the window, though this still leaves you with 163mm, and you can remove the internal panel if you need more.

The chassis will be available in June and in black, orange and silver colours with an MSRP of 149 Euros . The new panel will also be available separately for 25 Euros, coming as a disassembled kit but with rubber rings in all three colours.
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