AquaComputer outs full-cover Radeon R9 Nano waterblock

September 11, 2015 | 12:41

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German liquid cooling specialist AquaComputer has announce a full-coverage waterblock for AMD's latest graphics card, the ultra-compact Radeon R9 Nano.

Launched this week, the AMD Radeon R9 Nano packs much of the performance of the company's R9 Fury X but in a tiny 152mm-long air-cooled design. Built to squeeze performance out of the tiniest of cases, the lack of a liquid-cooling system has proven a step too far for some - but that's something AquaComputer can address, with the Kryographics R9 Nano full-coverage waterblock.

Announced this week by the German company, the Kryographics R9 Nano replaces the card's existing air cooling system and provides direct contact with both the GPU, the coil inductors, and the voltage regulator modules (VRMs) on the top of the card. Without adding anything to the size of the card - dropping it down to a single-slot layout, in fact - the block is claimed to keep the card below 35°C even running the Furmark benchmark and without exhausting excess heat into the case.

The block is constructed from copper, featuring a machined Plexiglass cover. While it offers a single-slot layout, however, users wishing to take advantage will need to acquire a single-slot PCIe bracket, which is not included; AquaComputer has indicated that the same bracket as is available for the Fury X is suitable.

AquaComputer has indicated that the Kryographics R9 Nano will be available from next week, with pricing yet to be confirmed. More information is available on the company's forum.
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