Catalyst 5.7 available

Written by Tim Smalley

July 18, 2005 | 09:27

Tags: #catalyst #catalyst-control-center

Companies: #ati

At the end of last week, ATI announced that it had launched its latest update to the Catalyst Driver program, version 5.7. As is normal with every driver release, there are many bugs fixed and some performance improvements on some video card configurations.

ATI have also included a couple of new features to this version of the driver. They've added support for 1080p displays and there's also a new Catalyst Control Center Uninstall option - before now, you had to uninstall the whole driver in order to remove the Control Center.

The stated performance improvements, which can be viewed in the release notes, will benefit video cards with either 64MB or 128MB of frame buffer. We questioned whether they were important to gamers, and to be brutally honest, you will not see massive improvements in performance at realistic gaming resolutions.

They've achieved these performance improvements with an improved memory management system, whereby they've enabled some form of HyperMemory support on these video card configurations to allow the video card to render to system memory rather than paging textures back and forth from the hard drive. As ATI have said, this really becomes apparent at high resolutions and with 'everything on'.

You can download the drivers here. Any problems? Discuss them in the forums.
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