Phanteks announces Aura-compatible RGB lighting adapter

February 18, 2016 | 12:10

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Case-maker Phantex has unveiled a case lighting adapter for Asus' Aura motherboards and all four-pin RGB header systems, allowing for control through manufacturer-bundled software.

The advent of affordable 12V RGB LEDs has caused an explosion of interest in case lighting. Ditching with the bulky, high-power and occasional noise cold cathodes, LED lighting is proving popular enough for companies to add support directly to their motherboards: Asus' Aura system is one such offering, using a four-pin motherboard header compatible with third-party offerings and bundling software with the motherboard to take control of the connected lights.

Phanteks' RGB LED Adapter does exactly what you would expect: compatible with any four-pin RGB LED header plus receiving Asus' Aura Compatible certification, the adapter allows Phanteks' own LED strips or built-in case LEDs to be controlled through the motherboard. Exactly functionality will, naturally, depend on the software provided by the motherboard manufacturer, but users can expect to be able to adjust the colour and brightness of connected LEDs along with adding animations or patterns.

The adapter, which is a simple cable with no integrated electronics, is listed as being compatible with Phanteks' Enthoo Luxe, Mini XL, and P400 cases at launch, and will be compatible with all future cases featuring integrated LED lighting systems. Availability is scheduled for March, and Phanteks has set a manufacturer's recommended retail price of €2.90.
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