MSI MPG Quietude 100S silent gaming PC case launched

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July 22, 2021 | 11:00

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MSI has launched a new mid-tower PC case aimed at those who prefer quiet performance. The new MSI MPG Quietude 100S supports up to E-ATX motherboards and the overall style is described by MSI to be "reserved yet playful". This is actually the first MSI made case to focus on silent performance, says the popular PCs, components, and peripherals maker.

To create the MPG Quietude 100S, MSI has made some innovations in its overall design, and thermal design. MSI furnishes the new case with sound dampening foam over three of the six side panels. Additionally, this is its first system to feature the new MEG Silent Gale P12 fan. The fan comes pre-installed in the rear and delivers a good balance between cooling performance and low noise thanks to the aforementioned sound dampening and 'optimised airflow'. One more obvious feature of appeal to the sound dampening enthusiast is the triple stage fan speed button sat among the case's top/front I/O.

The overall look of the MSI MPG Quietude 100S is quite reserved, as MSI points out. However, its playfulness is evidenced by the large hinged 3mm tempered glass side window, with aRGB strip (spectrally sectioning off the PSU shroud area), and the aRGB light projection from beneath the front panel. On the topic of the frontage, you can easily remove this magnetically attached panel to get to the dust filter beneath.

MSI's MPG Quietude 100S silent gaming PC case is a reasonable size at 475 x 231 x 490mm, when considering its max compatibility figures, which are as follows; CPU Cooler Length: 175mm, GPU Length: 380mm, PSU Length: up to 220mm (without 3.5-inch HDD tray). For other key specs, please check out the screen-grab from the product data sheet embedded above. I don't have pricing or availability info at the time of writing.

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