Lian Li launches PC-V2130 full-tower case

August 1, 2014 | 11:14

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Lian Li has announced the launch of its latest full-tower case design, the PC-V2130, with the promise of full support for all HPTX, E-ATX and XL-ATX large-format motherboards.

Designed for users who find mid-tower cases a little cramped, the Lian Li PC-V2130 is something of a beast: the brushed aluminium chassis supports up to 11 3.5" or 2.5" drives and an additional four 2.5" drives in its stock configuration for a grand total of 15 drives plus four externally-accessible 5.25" bays. Coupled with its support for motherboards up to HPTX in size, it's clear that the 94-litre capacity should be plenty for almost any build - although users will have to make sure they've got room for its 237mm x 625mm footprint and impressive 640mm height.

The chassis includes ten expansion slots, with VGA cards of 360mm in length being supported with all drive bays present or 480mm with some removed. Power supplies up to 200mm in length will fit in the base of the chassis, while CPU coolers of 180mm can be squeezed inside - or 240-280mm radiators in the tool-free roof panel and a further two additional 280mm radiators in the base and front. For air-cooling, air filters are included along with a bundle of fans: two 140mm intackes at the front, a 120mm outtake at the rear, and a further two 140mm fans at the base, with room for two 120-140mm fans on the top panel.

The front of the chassis includes a door fitted with sound-dampening foam, which is carried across to the side panels, covering the external drives bays and a built-in single-channel fan controller. An IO panel featuring four USB 3.0 ports and analogue HD Audio connectivity is found on the top panel, along with the power and reset buttons, and castor wheels - complete with brake - are located on the bottom of the case.

In short, the PC-V2130 is a beast - but it's price-tag keeps it for the higher end of the market. Lian Li has confirmed UK pricing at £319 for the silver and black finish models, and £359 for the black with windowed side-panel and anodised internal surfaces. All models are due to arrive in the UK this month. More details are available on the company's official website.
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