Lian Li hints at CeBIT launch for PC-DK01

February 26, 2014 | 11:34

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Lian Li has heavily hinted at plans to formally launch a retail-ready version of its prototype chassis-desk case design at the CeBIT show in Hanover next month.

The PC-DK01, as the design has been named, is a fusion of a desk and a PC case. Initially unveiled as a prototype in January this year, Lian Li appears to be finally ready to reveal its finished design with a view to unveiling a production model at the CeBIT show in Germany.

As with the prototype, the PC-DK01 boasts support for extra-large motherboards including XL-ATX, EATX and HPTX in addition to more usual ATX boards. The internals are capacious enough for up to 14 3.5" hard drives - although this drops to seven when used with HPTX boards, or with add-in cards longer than 410mm. Power supplies of up to 280mm are supported, along with heatsink and fan assemblies of up to 180mm - any larger, and they come into contact with the tempered glass desk surface.

The chassis is, as you might expect, watercooling-ready, offering room for a 360mm radiator alongside a secondary 240mm radiator. For those who prefer leak-free air cooling, mounts are included for up to seven 120mm fans at various points of the case. The whole boxy unit is elevated from the floor by a pair of tubular legs, giving you room to swing your own legs underneath.

Final pricing for the PC-DK01 has not yet been confirmed, with more details as to its retail availability expected to arrive when CeBIT formally begins on the 10th of March.
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