Fractal Design Meshify 2 and Meshify 2 XL chassis launched

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November 12, 2020 | 11:00

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Bit-Tech has had quite a few Fractal Design Meshify chassis through the labs, with the last being the Recommended Award winning Meshify S2. Now the chassis, cooling and PSU specialist has announced the arrival of the some second generation Meshify chassis; the Meshify 2 and Meshify 2XL. With the new Meshify 2 series, Fractal Design hopes to deliver all you could expect with regard to modularity, flexibility and ease of use.

The Meshify 2 showreel above gives you a good overview of what to expect from the new designs. Starting from the outside, the new look is a good balance between cool minimalism and standing out from the crowd. The perforated front panel with asymmetrically faceted relief looks like it might be designed with some scientific purpose like radar invisibility or deployment in a sound engineers lab, but no such claims are made... This front panel is removable, as is the nylon dust filter mesh beneath it.

On top the entire panel can be removed, as can another filter, depending upon your wishes / needs. Along the front edge of the top panel are the power / reset buttons and a decent selection of I/O: 1x USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C, 2x USB 3.0, and Audio I/O.

The Meshify 2 is a tool-less mid-tower design measuring 542 x 240 x 474mm and is spacious enough to accommodate motherboards up to (and including) 285 mm E-ATX, as well as graphics cards up to 315mm in length (storage layout) or 491mm (open layout). A movable internal partition adds further flexibility helping tailor the Meshify 2 for a number of purposes.

There are ample fan and radiator mounting choices for the buyer. With up to 9x 120/140mm mounts in all or permutations with radiators top (up to 420mm), front (up to 360mm), and bottom (up to 280mm). Three Dynamic X2 GP-14 PWM fans are provided to get you started with one pre-installed in the rear and two in the front. Fan control is a cinch using the provided Nexus+2 fan hub.

A particular strong point of the Meshify 2 is that it can be configured for 'superlative storage'. With its storage layout enabled it can accommodate up to 11x HDDs alongside the four dedicated SSD mounts, The provided multibrackets allow any unused fan positions to serve as HDD, SSD or pump mounts.

The Meshify 2 is available now worldwide, priced as below:

•    Meshify 2 Black Solid - 129.99 USD (119 GBP)

•    Meshify 2 Black TG Dark Tint - 139.99 USD (129 GBP)

•    Meshify 2 Black TG Light Tint - 139.99 USD (129 GBP)

•    Meshify 2 Gray TG Light Tint - 139.99 USD (129 GBP)

•    Meshify 2 White TG Clear Tint - 139.99 USD (129 GBP)

The Meshify 2 XL is very similar to its brother but designed for people who require even more capacity and expandability. This sizable 600 x 240 x 566mm chassis can fit motherboards all the way up to and including SSI-EEB, holding several radiators (up to 480mm), and up to 23 storage devices without issue.

The Meshify 2 XL is available worldwide, priced as below:

•    Meshify 2 XL Black TG Dark Tint - 179.99 USD (165 GBP)

•    Meshify 2 XL Black TG Light Tint - 179.99 USD (165 GBP)

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