Lian Li prices DK-01X, DK-02X desk chassis

May 23, 2014 | 09:50

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Lian Li has confirmed plans to launch its chassis-cum-desk designs as full retail products in the UK, confirming the DK-01X and DK-02X as heading to market in August with considerable price tags attached.

Teased back in February, the school-desk inspired PC-DK01 has been renamed the DK-01X and is joined for a retail launch by the DK-02X, which boasts the ability to house two systems simultaneously - one, the company claims, for workstation use and the other for leisure pursuits. Both support HTPX and smaller motherboard formats, with the DK-02X adding the ability to stick a mini-ITX motherboard in alongside.

Both chassis feature support for side-mounted 360mm radiators and a bracket for a front-facing radiator; in the case of the single-system DK-01X this provides room for another 360mm radiator, while the dual-system DK-02X provides two 240mm brackets for independent cooling of the two rigs. The DK-01X can hold 10 hard drives in individually-removable drive bays, while the DK-02X can hold eight drives for the mini-ITX system and a further nine for the HTPX system. Both include support for CPU coolers up to 180mm in height, power supplies up to 280mm in length and graphics cards up to 410mm in length as standard.

The desk configuration of both cases is adjustable, offering a height of 805mm extendible to 835mm for greater leg-room. Monitor mounts can be fitted to the rear of both cases for up to three monitors. Front IO, located on a sliding drawer, offers four USB 3.0 ports and HD Audio connectivity on both cases - although the dual-system DK-02X doubles these up to provide connectivity to both rigs. The sliding drawer also includes a single slim optical drive bay, which can be used to host an SSD if you've given up on buying your games and software on physical media.

UK pricing for the cases has been confirmed at £599 for the DK-01X and £729 for the DK-02X. If you're wondering what makes the design worth the money, Lian Li has provided a video overview below.

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