Cooler Master announces HAF Stacker 'mod-tower'

September 2, 2013 | 09:20

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Cooler Master has unveiled a new entry in its HAF - High Air-Flow - family of cases, dubbed the HAF Stacker Mod-Tower and offering an intriguing two-in-one design.

Currently on display at the PAX Prime expo in Seattle, the HAF Stacker joins together the HAF and Stacker families for the first time to create a modular, expandable system for running multiple PCs in a single footprint. Using a rail system based on the picatinny rail used on military equipment - but modified enough that Cooler Master is confident of being granted a patent on its design - the cases in the series are designed to slot together.

To explain: there are two main cases in the HAF Stacker family, the mITX HAF 915 and the mid-tower-style HAF 925. These cases are available in a combined bundle dubbed the HAF Stacker 935, which slides a 915 onto a rail-mount system on the top of the 925 to create a full-tower system.

The interconnecting fun doesn't end there, though: multiple 925s and 935s can be interconnected, with Cooler Master using the example of a 915 at the top and bottom of a stack with a 925 sandwiched in the middle. The rail system, the company explains, means that such a combination is rock-solid stable.

The 915 is available in two variants: the 915F has a front-facing power supply, while the 915R has a rear-facing power supply. In both cases, it's possible to connect them to a HAF 925 while maintaining them as an entirely separate computer - meaning a user could have a low-power system with whisper-quiet cooling in the 915, then fire up a more powerful gaming rig in the 925 on-demand.

Cooler Master is also targeting modders, suggesting that the modular nature of the cases means that it would be easy to add extra hardware - more drives, an extended watercooling system, an internal reservoir - without making the main case cramped.

Sadly, the company is not yet willing to share pricing. The cases are due to go on sale in the US towards the middle of October, with no news yet as to when they'll reach the UK.
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