Azza announces pyramid-shaped mini-ATX case: Pyramid Mini 806

Written by Jennifer Allen

August 4, 2020 | 15:00

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Azza has announced its latest case, the Pyramid Mini 806, and it's the ideal chassis for someone who's keen to avoid an all too familiar case design.

As the name suggests, the Pyramid Mini 806 is pyramid-shaped. It's a smaller version of Azza's previous Azza Pyramid 804 case which had room for an ATX-sized motherboard but the general concept remains the same, albeit with a mini-ATX motherboard required this time round. Shaped exactly like a pyramid, the Pyramid Mini 806 has a pointy top, quad tempered glass side panels, and an aluminium design for extra sturdiness. While the tempered glass sides may make you wonder about cooling, there's a small window at the bottom which aims to allow for airflow to travel up from the bottom of the case to the top fan.

Due to how the case is constructed, it features a tiered design with the motherboard horizontally placed on the middle level just above the power supply and graphics card. The top layer is where an included 120mm RGB Hurricane II fan slots in. It's a curious design that certainly means space is at a premium so there's only room for two 2.5" drives. Also, there's a small front I/O panel with room for a whole solitary USB 3.0 Type-A port, the power button and HD audio connector. 

The Pyramid Mini 806 is certainly different. Typically, mini-ATX seems like a good bet as it's small and practical. This doesn't seem so practical right down to cooling and space constraints. It's a fair bit wider than typical mini-ATX setups and it's not exactly like you can slot in anywhere inconspicuously. However, it could look rather nice with the correct lighting set up if you want a fancy centre piece somewhere in your home. 

The Pyramid Mini 806 won't be released until November 2020 so there's plenty of time to decide if this is for you. Current price estimates suggest that it'll be around €250. What do you think? Is it for you or would you rather a more typical mini-ATX setup? 

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