BT and FON launch largest Wi-Fi community

Written by Phil Cogar

October 4, 2007 | 19:46

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BT and FON have joined forces and laid out the blueprints to build the largest Wi-Fi community - it's just up to you to help build it.

FON, for those that may not have heard, sells a wireless router that allows you to share a slice of your connection with other FON users. The setup works by splitting the wireless signal into two parts - a normal signal for your home networks and another for FON users only.

Why would you want to share your connection for someone else? Well besides sharing your connection with others, you'll be able to access other FON hotspots as well. Non-FON users will also be able to access your connection on a pay-as-they-go basis allowing you to collect 50 percent of the revenue. So not only will you get access to other wireless connections for free but you'll also make some money. What's not to like about that?

FON has previously been available in other parts of the globe but has just recently launched in the UK. The company has joined forces with BT in order to create the largest wireless network in the world. With over three million subscribers to BT's Total Broadband, it seems very likely that will happen.

We are giving our millions of Total Broadband customers a choice and an opportunity. If they are prepared to securely share a little of their broadband, they can share the broadband at hundreds of thousands of FON and BT Openzone hotspots today, without paying a penny," said Gavin Patterson, BT Group managing director.

BT will open up the premium BT Openzone hotspots for free to FON users.

While FON has announced a partnership with BT, the router is available on its own from FON's website. However, be sure to check with your broadband ISP that it's OK to share your connection with other users.

Think you'll join the FON network and help build the largest wireless community in the world? Tell us what you think about FON over in the forums.
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