Sadists put Corsair Flash through the ringer

Written by Wil Harris

September 2, 2005 | 18:53

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Companies: #corsair

It's not very often that we see someone go to extremes to prove the performance of their product, but it seems like there's always someone that has to go a bit further than the rest.

By now, you'll have surely heard about Corsair's range of memory sticks, called the Flash Voyager. What makes these different from your average memory sticks? Well, these are rubber coated and designed for resilience.

Corsair have been selling a fair few of these, and one of their major distributors in the UK is a company called Boston. In order to prove the durability of these memory sticks to their customers, Boston have gone a little Bonkers and have put the sticks through a nightmare series of tests.

These include freezing it in water, boiling it in water, running it through the washing machine, launching it at a wall by attaching it to a strimmer, submerging it in a goldfish tank and, our favourite, running it over in a BMW. 3 times.

By the end of this gruelling run, the stick - yes, they used the same stick each time - still worked absolutely perfectly.

It's difficult to fault something that's this hardy. If you're a rugged sort of person and you want a memory stick to carry your data around, it seems unlikely you'll find a more durable solution to your woes.

You can check out the full article over at Boston here, and you can add your comments to the forums.
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