BFG Tech announces 100 day Trade Up programme

Written by Tim Smalley

March 19, 2008 | 15:04

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In amongst all of the Nvidia related news yesterday, BFG Tech announced the launch of its BFG Trade Up programme for customers in North America.

The company says that the programme is designed to give customers a one time opportunity to exchange their current BFG graphics card for a better model within 100 days of the original date of purchase. What's the catch? Well, you'll have to pay the difference in price obviously – the value of your card (MSRP) will be listed on BFG Tech's website when you register your product.

"As industry innovators of the 24/7/365 technical support and graphics card lifetime warranty, the BFG Trade Up program further demonstrates our continued commitment to provide value-added products and services that extend our customer's technology investment," said John Malley, senior director of marketing at BFG Tech.

"Newer, faster graphics cards are always being introduced into the market," continued Malley. "Knowing that the BFG Trade Up program is available, customers can confidently purchase a BFG graphics card today knowing that their investment will be protected when newer graphics cards are launched soon after. The BFG Trade Up program will also provide customers an opportunity to upgrade to a model more suited to their performance needs."

The Trade Up programme applies to all BFG Tech cards released after 21st February 2008 (i.e. GeForce 9-series and higher) and includes all future products released by the company. Currently, the offer is only available to North American customers, but BFG Tech has said that it "will offer the programme in other countries as it becomes feasible to do so."

We spoke to Graham Brown, European marketing manager for BFG Tech, in order to find out exactly when we can expect the programme to reach our shores. He said that BFG Tech is working hard to bring the offer over to Europe as soon as possible – the company is thrashing out the fine details as we write this. There's no firm date for the offer's availability in Europe, but rest assured that it's coming.

Is this something that would tempt you to buy BFG Tech products in the future if you aren't a loyal customer already? Discuss in the forums.
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