beblu benefits from Rollup 2

Written by Wil Harris

October 28, 2005 | 11:08

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A couple of weeks ago, we reviewed the beblu component Media Center system.

We really liked it - it had a funky design, a great LCD display with awesome Media Center integration, and packed a decent amount of storage. There's nothing quite like it on the market at the moment, and innovation is always a good thing.

With that said, the one thing we didn't like was the speed. The beblu is based about the VIA's EPIA platform, and we said at the time we thought that it was just a bit slow overall.

Well, in the weeks since that review, Microsoft has released Rollup 2 for Windows Media Center. This provides a number of enhancements to the platform, not least a bit of a performance bump.

We re-tested the beblu using the newly-updated MCE software. The good news is that there was a performance increase that makes using the beblu much more palletable. Whilst a speed increase is welcome on any MCE system, it makes a noticeable difference to the performance of the EPIA.

We still believe that the EPIA isn't quite 'there' when it comes to performance, but this is, at least, better. Perhaps more exciting, however, is the news from beblu that the Pentium M version is almost done. We'll be running that through the rigourous bit-tech benchmarking system of watching DVDs, recording Scrubs and listening to The Killers very, very soon. It's a hard life, huh?

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