BBC partners open micro:bit pre-orders

May 31, 2016 | 11:05

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The BBC's first hardware project since it partnered with Acorn in the 80s is now available to pre-order, ending speculation about the price: the micro:bit costs £12.99 board-only.

The micro:bit, based on the popular CodeBug, is a compact microcontroller development board designed for education. Partnering with companies ranging from ARM to Barclays Bank, the BBC led its creation, production, and free dissemination to all Year 7 pupils around the country - following, admittedly, several delays - but one question has remained up in the air: when can people who aren't Year 7 pupils get their hands on one, and how much will it cost?

In a press release issued this morning, the BBC's partner element14 confirmed the answers to both questions: pre-orders are open today ahead of shipping in July, and the micro:bit itself as a bare board - with its integrated 5x5 LED matrix display, two button input, and accelerometer and gyroscope sensors - is priced at £12.99. A marginally bigger kit, including a micro-USB cable and a double-AA battery pack with JST connector, is also available priced at £14.99, while a 'club pack' offers ten micro:bit devices and supporting materials for £140.

'The BBC micro:bit is a great way to begin your journey with coding - but it’s not just for children. We believe that the BBC micro:bit will also be in demand amongst adults who want to have a go at coding and makers looking to complement their existing projects,' claimed element14's Richard Curtin. 'As we make the BBC micro:bit available to buy we challenge the UK to have some fun with coding.'

The micro:bit is available for pre-order now from various resellers.
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