NZXT launches Doko thin-client streaming box

January 13, 2015 | 16:27

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NZXT has announced the launch of Doko, a streaming box designed to stream high-definition content from a network-connected PC - from any application.

Created, the company claims, out of dissatisfaction with existing media streaming systems, Doko is more than a video box: it's an entire thin-client system, designed to provide almost all the functionality of a remote PC with little overhead. NZXT claims that the Doko introduces just 50-80ms latency at 1080p30 over its wired gigabit Ethernet connection, while supporting any application on the PC from the desktop down to a game.

The box also includes four USB ports, which connect to the remote PC using USB-over-IP. The result: any USB-compatible device connected to the Doko will appear to the remote PC as though it was connected through a local USB hub, allowing everything from digital cameras and smartphones to joysticks to be connected for use via the Doko - although the company warns that support for USB audio devices and webcams is not yet available, promising that it is working on a firmware update for future release to add support for these.

NZXT's main selling point for the Doko is that it's application-agnostic. Once the user has installed the streaming software within Windows, anything that appears on the display will be streamed. This includes game content running in digital distribution applications - for example Steam, which has its own in-home streaming facility - and protected video content from applications and websites like Netflix and Amazon Instant Video. Each Doko also supports multiple PCs, with the user able to switch between them on-the-fly.

The company has made the Doko available through its own web-store today, priced at $99. UK availability is planned, but for now early adopters are asked to place their order directly with NZXT for international delivery - but remember to factor in VAT and a handling charge for Customs processing when budgeting for a purchase.

A video of the Doko in action is reproduced below, while more information is available on the official product page.

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