ATI shipping super-duper X1800s

Written by Wil Harris

December 12, 2005 | 07:14

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Fudo at the Inquirer is reporting that ATI is now shipping stacks of stocks of its X1800 XT OC cards, and the cards should be on sale very soon, probably this week.

These are XT chips that are stepped up a little bit further on the clock speed, to 700MHz core and 1600MHz memory. At this speed, the XT is starting to push into the performance territory of the NVIDIA 7800 GTX 512MB.

However, the 7800 GTX 512MB is severely unavailable. Whilst there were limited stocks on the launch day, it seems that the card is now almost impossible to get hold of. A quick check arond some UK online retailers confirmed this to be the case - and what stocks there are around are horrendously overpriced.

In the new year, ATI will be releasing R580, the update to its X1800 card, probably as X1850 although we can't know that for sure. NVIDIA will be releasing G71, the 90nm version of the 7800 - the true 7800 'Ultra'.

Of course, ATI is still losing in the not-quite-so-high-end, with the 7800 GT still substantially cheaper than the X1800XL. ATI has recently reduced prices, however, on the X1600 and X1300 in a bid to make them more competitive with the 6600 DDR2 and 6800 GS.

It's a good Christmas to be buying graphics cards kids! What do you want under your Christmas tree or in your stocking? Let us know.
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