ATI's high-end refresh coming next month

Written by Brett Thomas

July 20, 2006 | 15:04

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The Inquirer has found out that the upcoming Radeon X1950XTX and the X1950 CrossFire Edition will be clocked at the same speeds, a first in ATI's CrossFire line up. In previous versions of CrossFire, the cores have typically been a bit underclocked compared to their single-card brethren.

This is not the only change that the Radeon X1950 (R580+ core) has undergone from the model it's set to replace, the Radeon X1900. The cards will also support GDDR4 memory, as opposed to GDDR3 for the earlier cards. The stock clock speeds of the upcoming Radeon X1950XTX will be 650MHz core and 512MB of 2GHz GDDR4 memory.

The card is set to release at $449 USD sometime in late August, early September.

It figures that the last chip to need a CrossFire Edition card is the first one that doesn't actually come with lower clock speeds. As of the R600, ATI will be able to phase out master cards altogether in its high-end line up, moving more towards NVIDIA's setup of any two similar cards working together.

Got a thought on the newest development? Are you even interested in the cost of the R580+, knowing DX10 chips are not too far away? Let us know your thoughts in the forums.
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